Open Talk Cafe

Virtual event
Open Talk Cafe brings people together and facilitate an honest conversation built on trust. Where participants can find their place of belonging and learn from each other without being judged. 
Who can participate?
Everyone who is seeking quality of human connections and a sense of belonging wherever you are in life.

What to expect

Typically the group is small with 3-10 people per session. Your host will admit you to a virtual room where others are waiting. Once everyone is settled in, the host will make an intro and ask the participants to introduce themselves. Each group will be different. This is by design to honour our host personality and style of leadership. But more importantly you can expect lively discussions, meet new people, and learn commonality that you are not alone in your journey. Each host and co-host are trained to create a safer space, inclusivity, mutually engaging and respectful. Everyone is welcome!

Do you want to make a difference? Let’s start an Open Talk Cafe chapter in your community.

Top 5 criterias on how to become a host:

  • A passion for social isolation and loneliness
  • Desire to serve and make a difference in people’s lives
  • Motivated to serve with purpose
  • Warm and friendly personality and non judgemental 
  • Open, adaptable and teachable

If this describes you please fill out our form and we’ll ensure we set you up for success and a thriving journey with us.

Open Talk Cafe is not a replacement for any medical services. If anyone needs medical services please see your family doctor or call 911 (112 in Europe).
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