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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Training is offered for one full day on a weekend or multiple evenings for the total of 6.5 hours of training.

Yes, if you are working alone with vulnerable individuals like seniors or children under 18 years of age. NO, for the Open Talk Cafe, because you will always be working with another volunteer. In lieu of a criminal check, volunteers can provide two professional references and one personal. If you already have a criminal check, we will request a copy for our records.

No. In our experience, people like to start a discussion organically. Occasionally, the Host will prepare something different to keep people interested or choose a particular topic that was discussed in a previous meeting.

Two reasons: the first is to support and be accountable to one another. The second is sharing responsibilities and ensuring balanced conversations.

No. Participants can purchase their own drinks. Starbucks offers brewed coffee for everyone to share. In case that a participant cannot afford a drink then Beyond the Conversation will pay for it.

Everyone has a right to be safe and we cover this in the training.

Ideally three years, but we understand that unexpected change is inevitable so we cross that road as it comes.

Absolutely. This is our commitment to you on your journey as long as you need support.

Both: Beyond the Conversation and the Host. When you start, we encourage the Host to invite her/his close friends to join in during the second week when you start seeing new faces.

With the group’s permission you can share images, but be extra careful not to share any intimate details during the sharing time. Remember that trust is something we earn, it is NOT to be taken for granted. If people are welcoming us into their lives and trusting us with their personal story would we really want to devalue this friendship in any way? Of course not. It is different if a participant is sharing her/his personal story through their own social media accounts, that’s their decision to make.

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