About Us

BEYOND The Conversation is a Canadian registered grassroots for-impact society established in 2016 with the goal of ending social isolation in local neighbourhoods and beyond.

BEYOND The Conversation is not in the healthcare business, not ESL, not therapy groups and definitely not a bureaucracy. What we are is a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with and a place of warmth and belonging. Of course, it will look different everywhere we go around the world. But to move beyond the conversation, from just words to acts of lovingkindness and friendship towards our neighbours will remain the same. Bold steps, acts of random kindness, standing up for and with others are trademarks of the BEYOND Way.

Our vision

To end social isolation and loneliness and to see human flourishing through true friendship and community.

Our mission

To understand the causes and take bold action in service for those who feel the pain of social isolation and loneliness through bold action, innovation and breaking down social barriers in our world.

All in pursuit of true friendship and a true community.

Everyone knows what needs to be done, and we move forward … together in unison. No special side agendas or competing for resources or attention. The mission is what matters, the community that is us and who we serve matters.

...but what about the rules?

We decided to skip them. It’s more important to recognize people’s humanity than to create an organization full of machines. Of course, we have certain basic rules we have to keep by law, but more importantly, there is no law against loving each other. Instead, we have a few guiding principles: Be Curious. Have Fun. Love People.

That’s it!! If we are doing these things, we are changing the world. A large part of why people are lonely and isolated is because of too many rules and exclusionary systems in our world today. We have to tear down those barriers by acting and thinking differently, not doing more of the same and expecting different results. Of course, this path is messy, unpredictable and thus largely unplanned and loosely structured because it’s fully human.

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Community is a place where our small efforts can have a lasting impact towards creating positive change.

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