"I Belong"

Together, we’re building stronger community

Beyond the Conversation is a volunteer led initiative, driven with a passion to make life better for others. We support this objective through leadership training, building deeper relationships with our participants, volunteers, stakeholders and community partners.

Our Focus and Purpose:

  1. Assist non-English speakers to develop their everyday communication skills
  2. Train and provide volunteers from immigrant, refugee, First Nations and Canadian-born communities with opportunities to contribute and develop leadership skills
  3. Collaborate with professionals to optimize the program and document outcomes.
Proud to join in the “Reconciliation Walk Canada with our team in September 24, 2017.

Message from our visionary founder:

People are experiencing loneliness and isolation, a reality that most of our Canadian-born, immigrant seniors, and refugee claimants are facing in life. With the desire to impart a difference within the community, -Amie Peacock started a project to help seniors in Metro Vancouver to learn conversational basic English. In 2014 Metro Vancouver Alliance led a successful campaign asking participants to identify the causes that lead to social isolation. The participants said that language barrier is the number one root cause. With this in mind, Beyond the Conversation started in November 2nd, 2015, success of our first launch was testified by having 95 seniors registered into our program. To date, we have 400 plus intergenerations who are involved -in the program, -with 21 locations in the lower mainland. These location comprise of businesses, community centres, neighborhood houses, churches, and local public libraries. Amie Peacock

Our extraordinary people

  • Representing our Facilitators - Theresa Gee
  • Representing our Board members - Neil Parker
  • Representing our Community at large - Manjit Thandi and Amie Peacock
  • Representing our Marketing and Brand Identity - Adeelah Saad, Cici Ip and Matthew Leung
  • Clients and Stakeholders Relationship building - Shelagh Wright, Jeff Groulx and Theresa Szeto
  • Our Advisors - Warren Eng and Toby Lee
  • Media Relations - Bonnie Sainsbury, Gino Gemma, Aaron Leung and Neil Parker
  • Executive Director and Founder - Amie Peacock
  • Marketing and Event Planning - Suzy Bae, Adeelah Saad, Cici Ip and Aaron Leung

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